Ikea DIY Table + Shelving

Because of the layout of our kitchen and living room, we had a difficult time figuring out what kind of kitchen table would work best in our home. Also, Andy wanted to hang a projector from the ceiling in between the two rooms, and I was not a fan of having that hanging over our table. So, we both found something we agreed on.. a custom built table with some shelving above.

We purchased a wooden table top and two stolmen poles (plus included fixtures) from Ikea
and some wooden shelves from Home Depot.

Andy measured the circumference of the pole and used a jigsaw to cut a hole on each end of the table.

Then he set the table top on the ground and put the first pole in place.

And then the second pole…

Then he propped up the table to the height that we wanted it to be.

Then he used the fixtures that came with the poles to keep the table in place.

Once the table top was in place, he started working on the shelves.

Connecting the poles to the ceiling..

And it’s done!

I’m looking forward to many memorable meals with friends and family at this table!

Billy the Bookcase

We decided to purchase the Billy Bookcase from Ikea to make our office space a little less chaotic. I think it has helped!

After a few hours of labor (for Andy) we unpacked all of our books, movies, and games.

Looks like we need to get rid of some stuff…

Not your Grandma’s Attic

Soon after we moved into the house we realized that the air conditioner never turned off!! Our house had almost no insulation in the attic, where the air conditioner was inconveniently installed. In July our attic was about 140 degrees! We decided that insulating our attic needed to be a top priority.

Andy found a company called Investofoam. They gave us a pretty good deal on spray foam insulation.

Now our attic looks like a cave and our house stays nice and cool.

Over Our Heads

I am hoping for a rainy fall season (as are our trees)!!! I absolutely love the rain, and I am hoping to enjoy it more now that we have a metal roof :)

We chose a metal roof because of it’s durability, appearance, and not so toxic material (for our future rain water collection).







Adding Color

We decided to make the place brighter with colorful walls.

The office was painted with Dolphin Fin and Anonymous (shades of gray) by Behr.

Our living room is now half blue (Jamaican Sea by Behr) and white.

The back hallway was painted with Orange Burst and Dolphin Fin (by Behr).

And our bedroom is yellow and white (Vibrant by Behr). It sure is vibrant!

House Tour

Here are some pictures of our house before we moved in!

Entry and Living Room

I love the open layout of the living room and kitchen!

View From Living Room

Also, the previous owners did a great job with the kitchen! Stainless steel appliances, sweet Ikea cabinets, and a funky backsplash that is embedded in the wall.


The bathroom looks completely different now!


I enjoy looking out at the large tree in the backyard. Even better are the birds that hang out on it (wild parakeets)!


Roof, back porch, (lack of) landscape, fence… all things that will change in time

Mas Backyard


We Bought a House!!

House after

Yup yup.. crazy, I know. I guess Andy & I are finally growing up. A few months back, we decided to make Austin our home for the next unknown number of years. We love so many things about Austin and decided that East Austin would be a great place to live. After looking at MANY houses, we decided that the little blue house on the corner of 11th and Swenson was “the one.”

The previous owners did a good job starting the renovations and now we get to continue. We’re realizing that we have a lot to learn about home repairs and DIYs, but we are excited!! Stay tuned for exciting adventures!

Before the Renovations